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Review your Doctors for everyone's Benefit
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In this digitally connected and always online world, you need to access healthcare at any time and from any place. It is a challenging and daunting task to find the right medical care when there is so much choice in specialist doctors, clinics and hospitals. Tired of waiting in long queues at the doctor’s? Not sure which information you should rely on? Friend’s advice, neighbour’s experience or search engine results? MyMedicNow is an online healthcare application that has done the research for you. Simplify your search for doctors by using a search/filter-based application that helps you find doctors and specialists easily based on their specialization, your symptoms, location etc.

MyMedicNow is a Free Healthcare application designed to fill the gaps when patients look for information online. MyMedicNow’s app is loved for its convenient booking feature, intuitive interface and instant access to information. Make the wise choice easily and connect to the right medical expert using our app.

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About MyMedicNow

MyMedicNow is an innovative online platform to help patients search for medical conditions, and find related local healthcare providers, quickly and efficiently across the MENA region. With the vast numbers of medical professionals, hospitals and clinics now available, choosing the right expert care can be quite challenging. MyMedicNow will help you make informed choices easier and faster while ensuring doctors and hospitals are better connected to their patients.

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