Annual Health Check-ups Every Child and Mother Needs

13 Jun 2018 mymedicnow

Annual Health Check-ups Every Child and Mother Needs

As a mommy there are several things you need to keep in mind. It might be difficult to balance all of your child’s needs as well as yours on your own. To ensure that health is not neglected in the process, doctors in the UAE recommend an annual health check-up for mother and child. Here’s an overview of an annual check-up for you and your child in the UAE –


Visiting your family physician annually in the UAE helps develop and nurture a close partnership between the doctor and your child. This is important to prevent diseases and improve your child’s health through each stage of life. Some of the important areas to focus are-

Vaccinations: Get your child vaccinated in accordance with the vaccination chart to combat preventable diseases. This starts from an early age when your child is yet and infant and should be continued until the age of 10.

Dental Check-Up: It is not easy to monitor your child’s eating habits on a daily basis. To ensure your child suffers no decays and cavities, ensure a regular dental visit for optimal health of your child.

Eyesight Check-Up: Children are exposed to television, smartphones and varied other devices which can take a toll on their eyesight. To ensure that your child can read and view accurately, visit an eye specialist annually in the UAE.

Allergy Check-Up: Children in the UAE are prone to several allergies rising from heat, dust and food. This could lead to several health problems. Consult a doctor and trace the findings of an allergy if any.


As a mother, you might be your last priority, but your health should be your top agenda. Visiting a family physician regularly will not only keep you healthy, but also trace and find solutions for any preventable diseases. Here’s a list of check-ups to be considered for the pink of your health.

Blood Pressure Check-Up:As a mother you might find your blood pressure shooting high most of the time. To ensure it stays elevated, visit a doctor regularly to avoid any highs or lows.

Diabetes Check-Up: If you have a Body Mass Index (BMI) above 25 and any other risk factors for diabetes, you should get tested. An annual check-up in the UAE might indicate if you are overweight and at risk for developing the disease.

Dental and Eye Check-Up: For women, a dental and eye check-up is very important. If you have any family history of glaucoma or other serious eye issues, you must bring it to the notice of your physician.

Breast Check-Up:It is a good practice to examine your breasts on your own, but you need to get it screened with an expert to ensure there are no unwanted lumps or signs of preventable diseases.

It’s never to early or late to begin an annual check up for your baby and you in the UAE. To ensure you visit trusted specialists, rely on MyMedicNow for all the right help and support.

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