Don’t Wait Over Weight!

04 Jun 2018 mymedicnow

Don’t Wait Over Weight!

With comfort, comes the extra flab, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is laden with people who suffer from weight problems. So, what exactly is the reason that men, women and children in the UAE suffer from weight gain. While there are several factors that lead to it, the most important is lifestyle changes. 

So, if you’re looking to lose weight in the UAE, forget about crash dieting, and focus on strategic plan to torch fat and keep it off. Here's how to reach your goal weight faster without losing your mind.

Sleep Well

In the UAE, sleep is one thing most of us take it for granted. Whether it be for a high-paying job or a watching a television series on Netflix. If you don’t get enough sleep (7-8 hours), it can affect your hormones and increase your hunger cravings. So, commit to sleep if you want to lose fat.

Stay Hydrated

With the temperatures roaring in the city, water is the best drink to stay hydrated. It doesn’t come with any chemicals and is good for your body. In addition, drinking water in frequent regulations will boost your metabolism and promote more fat burning, providing greater benefits.

Eat Well

With UAE being surrounded with incredible food options, the temptation to eat out is always high. Majority of the people who live in the UAE find it easy and convenient to order food or dine at a restaurant rather than cook at home. However, if you’re looking to lose fat in the UAE, eat home-cooked meals at regular intervals. Include fruits, veggies, poultry and nutrient-rich foods that increase satiety by slowing the digestion and absorption of food in the stomach, which ultimately leads to less calories consumed and more weight loss.

Learn to Walk

From Land Cruisers to Range Rovers, UAE has the best of facilities which encourages people to give up walking. Whether it be the home delivery call to your corner grocery or avoiding taking up an outdoor activity when the temperature is touching 40 degrees, retiring yourself to the interiors of your home and office, can add to your waistline. So even if you don’t engage in a run, you should certainly try some low weight exercises in the comfort of your home or gym.

Focus on Your Goal

While you are motivated to lose fat, practicing it without a focus will not give you the desired results. As such, it is important to set out a schedule and plan your meal, walks and lifestyle patterns to be able to lose weight faster.

The above options can get you started to lose weight in the UAE, but if you want to maintain the momentum, remember to check with a doctor before making any big changes to your diet or exercise routines.

So, beat your weight with the right moral support and motivation from certified practitioners!





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