Experts suggest seeking timely medical help for tension headaches

14 May 2018 mymedicnow

Experts suggest seeking timely medical help for tension headaches

There are two kinds of common headaches, tension-type headaches and migraines. Almost every other human being has had a tension headache, and one in ten have had a migraine. Women tend to suffer more from headaches, making headaches the top 5 disabling conditions for women.

Headache may be a common health complaint for many, but for some others, headaches have a serious impact on their lives – making it difficult to concentrate, work and generally get by. In today’s time, stress levels are very high, which the major cause of tension headache is. Additionally, anxiety, depression and loneliness may also lead to tension headaches.

Just as the type and severity of headaches can vary greatly from person to person, so too can the reason for the headache. Broadly speaking, change in weather conditions, pungent smells, anger, poor posture, tiredness, dehydration, missing meals, noise and bright lights amongst many others are the key causes of tension headaches. However, experts suggest that regular exercise, relaxation, positive changes in diet and lifestyle, head massage, acupressure techniques, etc. can help prevent tension headaches.

Tension headaches are caused by the straining and contracting of the muscles in the head and neck – often in response to stress. However, it has been noted that tension headaches if occur several times a week may evolve into chronic-type headaches.

As such it is imperative to seek timely medical help. While visiting a doctor with a headache may seem like crossing the river on foot, MyMedicNow allows individuals suffering from tension headaches to engage with their choice of doctors at the press of a touch. The mobile health app also allows patients to access calendars, doctor information, build schedules and check doctor’s nationality and gender. Additionally, it allows them to rate doctors and hospitals, thus ensuring the healthcare providers strive to provide best services at all times.

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