How to Meet Best Internal Medicine Specialist to Saveing and Sustaining Lives

24 May 2019 mymedicnow

How to Meet Best Internal Medicine Specialist to Saveing and Sustaining Lives


Top internal medicine specialist doctors in Dubai

The U.A.E. healthcare sector is expanding at a rapid pace to meet the ever-evolving needs of its growing population and the possibility of Dubai becoming a regional medical tourism hub. Internal medicine specialists are among the many specialists that are prominent in the expansion of the healthcare sector.

But who are internal medicine specialists and which ones are the best internal medicine doctors in Dubai?

Internal medicine doctors are specialists who focus on adult medicine and have specialized in the study and prevention/treatment of adult diseases. Internal medicine specialists typically devote 3-7 years of medical school and postgraduate training in learning how to prevent, treat and cure the wide spectrum of diseases that affect adults.

They are called internists and also the “Doctor’s doctor.” This is because they often help physicians to solve complex diagnostic problems.

You will find many internist (internal medicine) specialists in Dubai. But often patients confuse internists with family doctors. Here is the breakdown simplified:

When choosing an internal medicine specialist, remember that the experience and expertise matter. Be sure to check the reviews and ratings for both the doctor and the hospital to ensure a satisfactory experience.

  • A pediatrician cares for children.
  • An internal medicine physician specializes in adult-care.
  • A family practitioner is pediatrician and internist combined into one specialty and treats for both children and adults.

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There are many Dubai Internists who diagnose and provide non-surgical treatment of diseases as well as injuries of internal organ systems.

There are a wide range of problems and diseases that may require you to consult an internist.  For instance, some of the best internal medicine doctors routinely examine patients for symptoms or conditions like heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, chronic lung disease etc. Often internists collaborate with other internal medicine specialists if need be.

The role of an internal medicine doctor often comprises:

  • Compilation of patient history
  • Performing necessary exams
  • Acquiring the latest diagnostic tools
  • Formulation of diagnosis
  • Prescribing the right course of treatment
  • Providing health promotion and preventive services
  • Keeping up with the trends and technology in the field of General Practice

Most internal medicine specialists in Dubai provide care using an ambulatory setting or work within hospitals. You will find some of the best pediatric doctor in Dubai working with premier hospitals for several years.

Internalists’ services at a hospital may include the following:

  • Detection and care for chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, joint problems, osteoporosis, rheumatic diseases, thyroid problems, lung problems and other long-term medical conditions
  • Complete executive check-ups, with a multi-specialty approach to match the patient’s needs.
  • Preventive screenings and adult immunization
  • Routine medical check-ups

Fortunately, there are several internal medicine specialists in Dubai that provide excellent care and preventive programs. All you need to do is check with a valid app or website like MyMedicNow to make your choice easy.

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You will easily find an updated list of local and best internal medicine specialists in Dubai:

  1. Mazen Naba - Medcare Multi Specialty Hospital
  2. Zia Ul Hasan - Northwest Clinic
  3. Najib Zeidan - Saudi German Hospital
  4. Anna Jacob - Medcare Speciality Center - Mirdif Uptowm
  5. Mohammed Sajid - Northwest Clinic
  6. Abdul Jabbar - Northwest Clinic
  7. Abdel Basset Hassan El Essawy - Saudi German Hospital
  8. Agkop Avakian - Saudi German Hospital
  9. Dina Abdelmagid
  10. Bahaeldeen A. Laz - Mediclinic City Hospital Fz Llc


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