Importance of removing the stigma around mental illness

29 Nov 2018 mymedicnow

Importance of removing the stigma around mental illness

Mental Illnesses are a real threat to human society. They destroy lives and families. They are real and need to be recognized and treated accordingly, just like any other illness. But there is a stigma associated with mental illness and so are a bunch of myths that make mental illness worse than they can be.

A few myths involving mental illnesses include:

  • Mental Illness is not real: This is perhaps the most absurd of the all the myths that people and doctors come across, surrounding mental illnesses. Mental Illnesses are as real as they get. They plague the mind of the person suffering from mental illness and cause them great distress, to the extent that in some cases physical injury to self and others may be caused. Mental illnesses cause suffering, and they just don’t vanish themselves. These are real health problems with proper and effective treatments.
  • Mental illness is caused by a personal weakness: This myth is just so outrageously insulting to people suffering from mental illnesses. Mental illness is not a flaw of a person’s character and is certainly not associated with lack of will power. It cannot be assumed that people with mental illness chose to fall prey to their illness. Though they can play a vital role in combating and defeating their illness.
  • I am Immune to Mental Illness if no one in my family has it: Mental illness is not a genetic disorder that gets passed on from generation to generation. Anyone can get affected with mental illness. It is not caused by a physical aspect but more by the mental and emotional conditions that a person is subjected to. An incident from school or college may affect a person in their 40’s.
  • Mental Illness is a Single Problem: This could not be farther from the truth as people suffering from mental illness are generally suffering from multiple disorders and issues at the same time. A person suffering from Depression may also be suffering from anxiety and other personality disorders. A Person may be schizophrenic and depressed at the same time. Mental illnesses come in groups and haunt a person indefinitely.
  • Bad parenting causes mental illnesses: Mental Illness cannot be attributed to one factor alone. There are various factors that may cause a mental illness to arise most of which are related to the environment and life experiences that a person has to endure. But biology of a person also may play a minor role in causing mental illnesses.
  • People with Mental Illness are Violent: As per various studies it has been observed that people with mental illness are more likely to be the recipient of violence on contrary to being the instigators. They are no more likely to cause violence then a regular person.

•              Mental Illnesses are Irreversible: Due to the advancement in medical science various path breaking treatments have been developed and as such, mental Treatments are not incurable anymore. People with Mental Illnesses go on to lead healthy lives and become a member of the society again.


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