Improve Immunity with Healthy Food Choices this Summer

13 Jun 2018 mymedicnow

Improve Immunity with Healthy Food Choices this Summer

Summer in the UAE is right over us. And while most of us enjoy the warm weather, some of us are bedridden with debilitating flu-like symptoms that you would usually associate with winter. Indeed, this talks a lot about our immune system. But not all hope is lost. There are several easy and natural ways available to protect your immune system, with right food choices topping the list. Here’s a list of top five foods that will boost your immune system in the UAE during the warmer months-

Green Crunchies

Crunchy, watery and always cooling, cucumbers are the best green crunchies that should be an important part of your diet in the UAE during summer. The water-rich veggie is packed with nutrients and can be used as a salad dip, a basic ingredient for sandwiches or just as plain green fritters. Being rich in water content, cucumbers hydrates your body well during summer, helping you boost your immunity.

White Pastures

Yogurt is a natural source of probiotics, which helps to keep your intestinal tracts free of disease-causing bacteria and germs. Available in varied flavours, this rich source of food is effective in boosting immunity rather than popping pills. Have it with your meal in the afternoon without sugar and see the difference for yourself.

Yellow Mellows

Lemons are rich in Vitamin C which boost your immune system. Squeeze it into a mug of warm water every day in the morning to not just strengthen your immune system, but also lose weight. In addition, squeeze them on your favourite foods for flavoursome goodness, whilst keeping your body active all through the summer.

Red Goodness

Apples, plums and cherries are fruits which are high with antioxidants and combat bacterial and fungal infections that is common during hot summer months in the UAE. So besides keeping a doctor away, these fruits also keep the diseases at bay and boost your immune system.

Black Beauties

Sunflower seeds are full of nutrients. They are also rich in vitamin E and phosphorous, which help maintain the immune system in the UAE. Easy to eat as a snack or include it as a part of your daily meals, these seeds are perfect to make you strong and glow.

Remember, eating right is a great start to boost your immune system in the UAE. But every body typerequires a different diet and nutrient to be able to respond well to the weather conditions. To know your food chart well, don’t rely on your instincts, but seek help from experts registered on MyMedicNow.

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There is no magical food that can beat diseases,but if consumed well with the help of experts, they can contribute to improving your immune system.



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