Make this summer a healthy one! MyMedicNow team offers tips on staying healthy during the holidays

11 Apr 2018 mymedicnow

Make this summer a healthy one!  MyMedicNow team offers tips on staying healthy during the holidays

Summer break is just around the corner and that means it’s almost time for holidays! While children can have a break from homework and exams, holidays can be a minefield of woes from cold and flu leaving children irritated and cranky. To ensure that children stay well during summer holidays, the team at MyMedicNow – UAE’s latest health app that aims to help patients search for medical conditions and find related local healthcare providers– offers easy tips to stay and feel best during the summer holidays.

Eat Healthy

Holidays are time for treats. However, healthy eating doesn’t mean sacrificing good taste. This holiday ensure that you pack a lunch filled with nutritious and delicious foods for your children, such that they enjoy eating it while they play or laze around watching television.

Exercise Daily

Exercise and good mental health go hand in hand.  Exercising boosts endorphins and helps reduce stress. This holiday season, encourage your kids to join sports or any physical activity classes which will keep them healthy.

Travel Safe

Holidays are time to explore the places you love. However, traveling can be stressful and a nightmare if your child is unrelaxed and uncomfortable. Ensure that your car, plane or train ride is comfortable and fun. As young children do better in the morning, it is wise to plan the majority of your travel in the morning and use the evenings to relax.

Set a Health Schedule

While holidays might be a time to break-free from the regular chores, it is essential that regular health check-ups are not missed during this period. To ensure that your health remains a priority you can make use of mobile health applications like MyMedicNow that also allow you to access calendars, doctor information, build schedules, check doctor’s nationality and gender and engage with the doctor at the press of a click. It also allows you to rate doctors and hospitals, thus ensuring the healthcare providers strive to provide best services at all times.

While holidays are a summertime luxury, enable the purpose of having a routine to incorporate structure into lazy summer days.

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