Medical Service at a finger tip using MyMedicNow Mobile App !!

14 Aug 2017 mymedicnow

Medical Service at a finger tip using MyMedicNow Mobile App !!

Medical Service  at a finger tip using MyMedicNow Mobile App !

So you can book flights at a touch of a finger, you can book food to come to your home at touch of a finger, you can book hotels at a touch of finger, taxis at touch of finger and the list goes on and on BUT..


Today we can’t book doctors’ appointments, diagnostic center appointments, hospital appointment with same ease. Can we ??

This where we the mymedicnow app and team is trying to make a difference. We want to make finding doctors in the Dubai, hospitals in Dubai, clinics in Dubai easy so you don’t have to wait on a telephone line for 5 minutes to be informed the slot are not available.

Mymedicnow is an honest attempt to help the people of UAE and soon GCC to be able to search doctors and hospitals by using common search language, to call them , to read recommendation about doctors from different people across the country, to save the reports and insurance cards in the app so in case they forget they don’t have to go through 1000 pictures in their phone.

In long run we want to connect the medical service seekers THE PATIENTS and the medical service providers, THE DOCTORS/HOSPITALS with ease but at no cost to the patients.

We are also ensuring that hospitals, doctors can get true feedback from the people they serve in order to serve them better.  In a country with more than 190 nationalities and a constant influx of expatriates, this mymedicnow is service intended to make it easy to find doctors , hospitals, clinics on the basis of location, language , recommendations basically for people to connect the medical service provider on the basis of their preference.

So go ahead and start using your finger tip… by downloading the app here:

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mymedic.mymedic

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/my-medic/id1258155603?ls=1&mt=8

and in case you have TIP for us to improve be sure to write back to us.


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Niyas Muhammed

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