Quick Hacks to Boost your Child’s Immune System  

07 Nov 2018 mymedicnow

Quick Hacks to Boost your Child’s Immune System   

It’s the time of pleasant weather in the UAE, and while your children are thrilled at the prospect of playing outdoors, it is that time of the year when runny noses and constant colds surround your children. So, what can you do to boost your child’s immune system? Here’s a list of quick tips that will help prevent your kids from getting sick.

Don’t let your child miss breakfast: Prepare a tasty, yet healthy breakfast to ensure that they start each day with the right nutrients and energy they need.

Keep away from the sun: A play-day at the beach is just the thing your kids would love during this period of the year in the UAE. But let your child stay away from the mid-day sun in the UAE. If by any chance they’re at the beach, ensure they have sunglasses to protect their eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Dress them in light coloured cotton fabric to keep them cool. Over-exposure to the sun can cause hay fever, so ensure that optimal care is taken.

Monitor the liquid intake: It is natural for your child to miss sipping water while they get busy with play activities. As a parent ensure that they don’t wait until they get thirsty. Fill up bottles and remind them to drink water every hour. Also, make sure that the children have regular showers to wade away the germs after their outdoor play.

Manage sleep schedules: Depending on age, children need 8-10 hours of sleep. Make sure they sleep and wake up on time to be able to stay active all through the day.

Wash hands regularly: While it is a good practice to wash hands before and after a meal, as a parent encourage your children to wash hands after every indoor and outdoor play activity.

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