Selecting The Best Pediatric Doctor in Dubai - You Need to Know What to Expect and When?

14 Jun 2019 mymedicnow

Selecting The Best Pediatric Doctor in Dubai - You Need to Know What to Expect and When?

It is one of the most important medical choices that people face. That of choosing the best pediatric doctor, no matter where you live. In fact, some parents start looking for pediatric specialists even before the baby is born. So as a resident of Dubai you are looking for the best pediatric doctor in Dubai, you have come to the right place.

But before you start the search, there are some things you must know about pediatrics. This will allow you to make better choices about selecting a pediatrician in Dubai and you will know what to expect when the time arrives for a visit to the pediatrician.

Pediatricians or “paediatrists” are doctors that manage the comprehensive healthcare of your children. This includes physical, behavioral and mental health issues. The word paediatrician comes from a form of the Greek pais “children” and iatros “healer”.

This branch of medicine specializes in the care and treatment of infants, children, and adolescents. Typically, paediatricians treat all individuals under that age of 21. Paediatricians need to have graduated from medical school and completed an additional residency program in pediatrics for their specialization.

The board-certification is an important criterion for selecting the best pediatric doctor in Dubai. You will want to find one that’s “board-certified” - this means they have passed the rigorous exams required by the board of Pediatrics from the country or university they graduated from. In certain countries, pediatricians have to meet regular education requirements to remain certified.

What services will your paediatrician provide?

Your paediatrician will provide regular healthcare  to your child right from their birth. From their immunization, wellness visits to annual health check-ups - the pediatrician is your first point of contact for the well-being of your child.

To ensure the wellness of your child, the pediatrician will:

    • Conduct physical exams
    • Administer vaccines
    • Ensure that various milestones are met in growth, behavior and skills
    • Diagnose and treat illnesses, infections, injuries and other health problems
    • Provide healthcare, safety, nutrition and fitness information on a timely and need-to-know basis
    • Refer you to the relevant specialists when the child requires specialist care, for instance the best ENT doctor in Dubai if there is a persistent ear infection.

Additionally, many paediatric facilities and centres provide services such as:

    •  Specialized Adolescent and Teen Health care
    •  Parent support group
    •  Fluoride supplementation and dental varnishing
    •  Newborn and prenatal health care
    •  Care for chronic illnesses
    •  Lactation support and medicines for mother/child
    •  Sports medicine  
    •  Behavioural medicine
    •  Teen reproductive health
    •  Asthma care

Choosing the right pediatrician in Dubai

Finding the best pediatric doctor in Dubai for your child shouldn’t be difficult because Dubai provides some of the best healthcare, including paediatric services. However, it is ideal to begin your search as soon as you can.

If you are expecting then ideally you should ask your obstetrician/gynecologist for references and names. You can talk with other parents, friends and family for their recommendations and reviews. Many pediatricians offer to meet parents to help them make the decision by inviting them to the offices, learn more about the facilities, staff etc and resolving their queries.

Here are some considerations that help you make the decision when making a final choice for paediatrician in Dubai:

Their location

    • Are they located near your home or place of work?
    • How long will it take for you to reach there during rush hour?
    • Is parking easily accessible?
    • Does the paediatric practice have more than one office?

The practice

    • Office hours
    • Are they available on the weekend or during evening hours?
    • How to make an appointment?
    • Can you book online?
    • Is the pediatrician listed as a provider on your insurance company’s plan?
    • What is the usual waiting time?

In your research, do verify about the pediatrician’s training and experience. Is there a sub-specialty or area of interest? What about emergency care?

Ensure the pediatric facility you select is available for emergency visits in the night or during the weekend,

Full list of pediatric specialists in Dubai

At MyMedicNow we are committed to provide you the best of healthcare and doctor information in Dubai. Our website and mobile app are always accessible for any kind of medical/ patient info queries. You will find all the necessary details right from clinic address, operational hours, phone numbers, reviews and ratings and the ability to book them online.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the best pediatric doctors in Dubai for you to make the final choice:

  1. Rouba Abdennour - SHAMMA Clinic
  2. Sarah Rizk - SHAMMA Clinic
  3. Doaa Mohammed Saad - Icare Clinics Al Barsha 1
  4. Ejaz Waseem - Northwest Clinic
  5. Khalil Rehman - Mediclinic Welcare Hospital
  6. Hari Babu Venkatesh - New Medical Centre Llc
  7. Suzan Mohamed Abouismaiel - Mediclinic – Meadows
  8. Syed Mohammed Anees - Medcare Paediatric Speciality Centre
  9. Hisham Khalil - Medcare Paediatric Speciality Centre
  10. Sangeetha Viswanathan - Medcare Multi Specialty Hospital


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