The Door Of Choosing Best General Surgeon in Dubai - How We Help Community of Dubai and UAE

24 May 2019 mymedicnow

The Door Of Choosing Best General Surgeon in Dubai - How We Help Community of Dubai and UAE


Looking for a General Surgeon in Dubai Can be Daunting.

Yes, Because there are so many choices. Asking for recommendations from friends, family and co-workers is a good option. But you need social and digital validity of the top practitioners in any field of medicine.

If you are looking for general surgeon doctors in Dubai then you will find many experienced surgeons with expertise in various areas like laparoscopic surgery, appendectomy, cholecystectomy, breast surgery, bariatric surgery, hernia specialist and so on.

The best way to look for a specialist gynecologist dubai or other spesicalist doctor is by referring to a reliable online resource such as MyMedicNow. MyMedicNow is a new and innovative online doctor booking platform which allows you to search for medical conditions and local doctors from the best specialist.

General surgery is a medical specialty that requires specialist knowledge and responsibility for pre-operative, operative and post-operative management of patients.

General surgery however, covers a broad spectrum of ailments and varied surgical treatment of the following:

  • gastrointestinal tract;
  • abdomen and its contents, including the pelvis;
  • breast, skin and soft tissue; and
  • endocrine system

The list also includes head and neck surgery, pediatric surgery, surgical critical care, oncology, trauma and burns, vascular surgery and transplants. If you search for ENT specialist in Dubai, you will find a wide range and depth of specialists.

Regardless of the ‘general’ in the name, there is nothing general about their profile. It is a highly specialized role where the activities involve item in the operation theatre, office, emergency rooms, and often the intensive care units.

Other than their niche discipline skills, general surgeons need to have expertise in communication and collaboration, research, health care management, and ongoing professional development.

The depth and scope of knowledge varies by disease category. Surgical management needs additional skills such as complex decision making, competence in diagnosis and treatment/management and operative intervention.

When looking for one of the best general surgeon in Dubai, it is important to remember a few things: Depending on your particular condition, the general surgeon may not always suggest surgery. The surgeon is available to guide you through the many options and decisions regarding your health.

  • Check the general surgeon’s credentials
    It is a good idea to research their background to ensure the doctor has the necessary experience, skills and training to treat your problem. Look for certifications, accreditations and awards if any.
  • Experience
    With a high probability for surgery, experience matters. The higher the surgeon’s experience with a condition, the more you can be assured of their success in surgery. When consulting you can ask the surgeon about other patients with your specific conditions that he may have treated. Also make sure you find out about the potential complications and how do they deal with them.
  • Hospital care
    The quality of care and infrastructure at the hospital is equally important. There is a reason why a hospital attains good reputation. Also, think of the hospital’s location and proximity to your neighborhood. Owing to frequent trips to the general surgeon, before and after the surgery mean that you might want lesser commute time.

To make your decision easier you have MyMedicNow(an innovative mobile application based in UAE that helps users find doctors based on their symptoms or medical conditions and also related healthcare providers). We have compiled a list of the best general surgeons in Dubai based on their reviews and rating on our website. Use MyMedicNow’s mobile app to find the top specialist general surgeons in Dubai.

Find Best General Surgeon Below:

  1. Vandana Bajaj - Icare Clinics Lamcy Plaza
  2. Dr Szabolcs Papp MD -


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