Tips to Find the Best Family Doctor Through MyMedicNow

18 Mar 2018 mymedicnow

Tips to Find the Best Family Doctor Through MyMedicNow

Tech Meets Health: Mobile Health Apps MyMedicNow to Find the Best Family Doctor

Whether you’ve shifted base to the UAE or looking for a change with your healthcare services, through MymedicNow selecting a family doctor is an important first step toward managing your healthcare. Asking for recommendations from coworkers, neighbors, and friends is a good way to start, but ultimately you will have to decide which physician is best suited to your individual needs and situation.

As your family doctor is your medical home, it is essential that you look for the following elements while choosing a family doctor

Convenience: This is the most important factor in choosing your physician. Convenience could be anything, right from logistics to how patient-friendly the doctor is.

Compatibility: Another essential component in choosing the right family doctor is finding one with whom you feel comfortable and are able to communicate effectively with. Although your family doctor should be honest and direct, he or she should also be compassionate when dealing with your health care. You should be comfortable asking questions.

Gender: Selecting a doctor based on a gender is common, particularly in the UAE. It may not only offer you comfort, but also helpyou feel satisfied with the type of medical care you receive.

Nationality / Language: This is another important factor to check. You need to be able to communicate clearly with your doctor, hence it is essential that your doctor is the same national or speaks a language which you can understand.

To ensure patients in the UAE find the apt medical care, MyMedicNow UAE’s latest health app combines new and evolving technologies to provide effective patient-care. The app also allows users to access calendars, doctor information, build schedules, check their nationality, gender and engage with the doctor at the press of a click. With patients being able to book an appointment and get real-time confirmations, MyMedicNow also allows them to rate doctors and hospitals, thus ensuring the healthcare providers strive to provide best services at all times. A truly genuine doctor-patient relationship is based on a personal level and using technology MyMedicNow aims to help patients not only communicate effectively, but also offers patients the assurance of finding the right family doctor.

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