Afshin Aboutaleb Sadeghiyan

Afshin Aboutaleb Sadeghiyan

Family Medicine/General Practitioner

NMC Medical Center

About Afshin Aboutaleb Sadeghiyan

Dr. Afshin completed his Doctor of Medicine from Tehran University of Medical Sciences and registered with the Medical Council AUG in 1998

He has extensive experience of over 13 years in ER, Internal Medical Department and ICU Department

He specialises in ER, Internal Medicine and ICU Department

Dr. Afshin has worked as a GP in the general clinic of Pasteurno General Hospital in Tehran

He practices CPR, Defibrillation, Transcutaneous pacing (TCP), Central venous line insertion, Femoral vein sampling, Chest tube (insertion and removal), Syngestaken tube insertion, Suturing of wounds, Cut down, Assistance in cardiac catheterization and prepare thepatient for catheterization.

NMC Medical Center

United Arab Emirates

E R, Internal Medical Department, I C U Department

Full Time



English, Persian

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