Ahmad Samy M. Saeed

Ahmad Samy M. Saeed


Saudi German Hospital

About Ahmad Samy M. Saeed

Saudi German Hospital

United Arab Emirates

Lumbar And Cervical Percutaneous Discectomy

Uterine Fibroid Embolization

Testicular Varicocele Embolization

Prostatic After Embolization

Balloon Dilatation And Stenting In Peripheral Lower Limb Ischemia

Carotid After Stenting

Embolization And Sclertherapy Of Hemangiomas & Arteriovenous

Malformation &Vascular Tumours

Coiling Of Brain Aneurysm

Embolization Of Brain & Spinal Malformations

Embolization Of Bleeding Piles) Chemoembolization Of Hepstoma (Cancer Liver)

President of Egyptian Society of Intervention Radiology. Former President Elect and Current Member of Pan Arab Society of Intervention Radiology ( P A I R S) C I R S E.

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English, Arabic

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