Ahmed Elsokkary

Ahmed Elsokkary


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About Ahmed Elsokkary

Dr. Elsokkary completed his specialization in Cardiology from Banha university Hospital. He also completed his structure program of cardiology and vascular interventions from military medical academy, cardiac specialized centere at Kobry Alkoba Military Hospital. Dr. Elsokkary completed his master degree in cardiovascular medicine at 2006 from Banha univesersity and also Dr. Elsokkary completed his doctorate and PhD degree in cardiology and vascular interventions at 2012. Dr. Elsokkary worked as an Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at military medical academy Hospitals and at Banha univesiry. Dr. Elsokkary has over 14 years of experience in cardiology and vascular Interventional and Non-Invasive Cardiology. He has worked for leading hospitals in Saudi Arabia (Obeid Specialized Hospital) & Egypt (Kobri Alkoba Military Hospital). Dr. Elsokkary is a certified member of Egyptian Society of Interventional Cardiology and European Society of Cardiology. He has done over 10,000 Coronary and vascular Interventions

International Modern Hospital

United Arab Emirates

D M, M Sc, F S C A I, M D, P H D ( Cardiology and Vascular Interventions)

Full Time



Member of European cardiology society

Member of Egyptian cardiology society

Invasive procedures

Coronary Interventions: Radial, Brachial and Femoral Route (Primary and Emergency Angioplasty, Complex Coronary Interventions, Left Main Angioplasty, All Bifurcation Lesions Angioplasty, Chronic Total Occlusion Angioplasty, Post CABG Angioplasty)

Peripheral Interventions

Renal Angiography

Aortic Interventions


Non Invasive procedures

Echocardiography: Trans-thoracic Echo, Trans-esophageal Echo, Dobutamine Stress Echo

Stress ECG (TMT)

Ambulatory 24 Blood Pressure Monitoring & Holter Monitoring


Adult Cardiology

All types of Cardiac Diseases

Emergency and Critical Cardiac Conditions

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