Alaa E. Soliman

Alaa E. Soliman

ENT Specialist

Mediclinic Welcare Hospital

About Alaa E. Soliman

Dr. Soliman has over 31 years experience as a Consultant ENT Surgeon in General and University Hospitals in the UK and UAE. He acquired his basic ENT training and experience in UK where he specialised in a major ear surgical unit and acquired experience in reconstructive ear surgery. He then moved to the head and neck surgical unit where he specialised in head and neck surgeries. Dr. Soliman has attended many international conferences, meetings and workshops and has developed a special surgical procedure to deal with nasal allergies.

Mediclinic Welcare Hospital

United Arab Emirates

Voice dysfunction assessment and hearing defects

Throat cancer

Treatment of Vertigo (giddiness)

M. B, Ch. B., F R C S( Edin)

Full Time




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