Ali Albakri

Ali Albakri


Al Zahra Hospital

About Ali Albakri

Dr Albakri is in medical field since 24 years back

He has experience in Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery he managed different kinds of fracture by using modern and minimal Invasive technique of Osteosynthesis for many types of Fracture including Intera-Articular fractures long bone fractures, compound as well as complicated fractures, and fracture in growing children

He has also excellent experience in the management of poly fractures and Polytrauma cases because he worked in level1-trauma center for more than 10 years

Dr Albakri is also experienced in hand Surgery and related Soft Tissue procedures as well

Furthermore, Dr. Albakri is also interested in Pediatric Orthopedic he managed successfully different cases of Developmental Dysplasia of hip, club feet, and certain Congenital Anomalies

Beside his operative skills

Dr. Albakri is also participating in academic work

He is a lecture in medical college for many years

His knowledge is up to date, he shared many International Conferences, Symposia and Seminar as well as he wrote thesis and many Audits.

Al Zahra Hospital

United Arab Emirates

Management of different kind of fracture and its complications in Children and Adults

Hand Surgery

Pediatric Orthopedic

Musculoskeletal Disease, and Spine disease

European Diploma in Orthopedic, Ph. D.

Full Time



Membership of Royal College of Surgeon

Fellowship in Trauma Surgery ( Nottingham - U. K)

Fellowship in Spine Surgery ( London U. K)

European Diploma in Orthopedic - Trauma Surgery

Board ( Ph. D) Degree in Orthopedic - Trauma Surgery

Full Registration in General Medical Council ( U. K)

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