Amre Wahab

Amre Wahab


Mediclinic - Dubai Mall

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Mediclinic - Dubai Mall

United Arab Emirates

Total hip and knee replacements

Hip and shoulder hemiarthroplasty

Knee and shoulder arthroscopy

Management of various fractures and dislocations

Internet fixation by using the A O/ASIF techniques

Spinal surgery (fenestration, laminectomy, spinal fusion)

Paediatric orthopedics (C.D.H, C.T.E.V)

Hand surgery

Management of poly trauma patients

Management of all musclo-skeletal and rheumatic disorders

Most recent advances in the management of osteoporosis

M B B C H, M Sc, M D ( Orthopaedic Surgery)

Full Time



Dr. Wahab has 20 years experience in orthopaedics in hospitals across the UK, Saudi Arabia and the UAE

He is a member of the British Medical Association and British Orthopaedic Association.


English, Arabic

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