Andrea Kahlenberg

Andrea Kahlenberg


Mediclinic City Hospital Fz Llc

About Andrea Kahlenberg

Mediclinic City Hospital Fz Llc

United Arab Emirates

Anaesthesia for thoracic surgery, trauma, orthopaedic and neurosurgery and all major cases

Anaesthesia for paediatric and neonatal surgery; obstetric surgery

Regional anaesthesia and peripheral nerve blocks

Difficult airway; fiberoptic intubation

Emergency therapy in rescue helicopters, ambulance or ambulance aircraft

Haemorrhagic Shock Therapy

Ph D, M D, Specialist Medical Examination ( Anaesthesiologist/ Intensivist), Specialist Medical Diploma

Full Time



Dr. Kahlenberg has been practicing medicine since 1990 after graduating from Eberhad-Karls-University in Tuebingen, Germany. She worked as an anaesthetist in hospitals and clinics in Germany and Switzerland, as well as 16 years with various German rescue services before moving to the UAE. Prior to joining Mediclinic City Hospital, she was Consultant Anaesthetist at Latifa Hospital (formerly Al Wasl Hospital) in Dubai.


English, German, Spanish

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