Asad R Shamma

Asad R Shamma

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About Asad R Shamma

Dr. Asad Riad Shamma graduated with distinction from the American University of Beirut in 1981 with a degree in BioChemistry and Medicine at the top of his class. Now the CEO at SHAMMA Clinic in Dubai, Dr. Shamma is a world-renowned double board-certified General and Vascular Surgeon and a Fellow of The American College of Surgeons. He completed his General Surgery Residency at the State University of NY and his Vascular Fellowship at the University of Iowa in Iowa City in The United States of America. Dr. Shamma has since become a member of the Society for Vascular Surgery , the American Venous Forum, the European Vascular Society, and the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, to name a few. In 2001, Dr. Shamma invented a revolutionary method to treat cosmetically undesirable veins of the hands and forearms, which is now widely used around the world. In 2006, Dr. Shamma patented a vein procedure for harvesting leg veins for use in open-heart surgery, which led him to patent a revolutionary machine for the job, called the S.H.A.M.M.A machine. This profound machine harvests leg veins with minimal invasion, meaning that it revolutionized the way such vital procedures are done around the world today. Now, Dr. Shamma specializes in treating patients who suffer from hand, facial, chest, and varicose vein anomalies. He uses his expert skills and his decades of experience in vascular surgery using laser light, sclerotherapy, and medicinal injections in order to remove and hide away unwanted veins. Dr. Shamma’s expertise includes laser vein removal, ablation of spider veins, laser treatment of varicose veins, sclerotherapy, and phlebectomy.



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Dr. Shamma has participated in numerous prestigious medical conferences in his 30 years of practicing Vascular Surgery, and his work on the elimination of unwanted hand and forearm veins has been published in the prestigious Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. In the span of 35 years practicing Vascular Surgery, Dr Shamma has founded and managed three centers of excellence in Vascular Surgery: Vascular Associates & Artery and Vein Institute in Melbourne Florida, and his SoVein Clinic in Lebanon, where he also practiced as a travelling specialist to Spain, UAE, Jordan, Qatar and The Netherlands – and finally the SHAMMA Clinic in the UAE. His latest endeavor was the establishment of the SHAMMA Clinic in Dubai, a JCI accredited multispecialty day surgery center established in 2013. With the establishment of SHAMMA Clinic, Dr. Shamma has now brought his medical and managerial expertise to Dubai. On a day to day basis, Dr. Shamma manages the entirety of the Center here in the UAE, and also sees patients who seek out his pioneering expertise in the treatment of various vascular disorders. He aims to help contribute to the developing medical sector in Dubai, and expand the SHAMMA Clinic brand, all the while working alongside some of the best doctors in the region, united under one revolutionary roof at SHAMMA Clinic.

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Jeff Ricko

professional and expeirienced. I highly recommend.

Zuva Gill

He is amazing. My brother had a wonderful experience with him.

Abeer Noor

Dr. Asad is a professional and trustworthy doctor for you and your family.



Nice visit. Thank you doctor

Niyas Ottakath

Good doctor.

Jeff Ricko


Highly Recommended Doctor...

Arun Krishnan

Very nice Doctor!

Moh. Essa

I highly recommend Dr. Shamma as he is a true professional who knows what he is doing and does not recommend a procedure without it being absolutely necessary.