Ayman Abdelrazek Yakout Mohamed

Ayman Abdelrazek Yakout Mohamed

ENT Specialist

Thumbay Hospital

About Ayman Abdelrazek Yakout Mohamed

Dr. Ayman Abdelrazek Yakout - Specialist Otolaryngology (MBBCH, MS, MD) working as Assistant Professor ENT at Gulf Medical University, Ajman

Thumbay Hospital

United Arab Emirates

Diagnosis & Treatment of ENT diseases, medically and surgically with endoscopic, microscopic and laser tools

General ENT Surgery

Laser Surgery particularly larynx

Nose Surgery

Head and Neck Surgery

Voice and Swallowing Surgery

M B B C H ( Al Mansoura University, Egypt - Faculty Medicine), M S in Otolaryngology ( Cairo University, ), M D in Otolaryngology ( Al Azhar University Egypt)

Full Time




English, Arabic

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