Ayman Al Jundi

Ayman Al Jundi


Mediclinic - Dubai Mall

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Mediclinic - Dubai Mall

United Arab Emirates

Treatment of paediatric general surgical and urological disorders from infancy to 13 years of age including

All types of hernias in children of both genders

Circumcision and penile deformities

Testicular disorders, congenital and non congenital

Excision of various lumps from different parts of the body

Paediatric urology

Consultancy on congenital malformations of the GI and urinary systems.

M D, P F R S C( Glasgow), P S S D, M A A P S, M E U P S A, P E B P S

Full Time



Dr. Al Jundi obtained his MD from the Medical College of Damascus University in Syria in 1978. He trained in Paediatric Surgery in Bristol University Teaching Hospital and worked as a specialist paediatric surgeon in hospitals in the UK and Dubai. He was also a lecturer and paediatric surgical tutor in Dubai Medical College for 14 years. He gained his Primary Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons and Physicians (UK) in 1987, his Paediatric Surgery Specialist Diploma in 1990 and he became a member of the European Board of Paediatric Surgery in 2007. He is also registered with the General Medical Council in the UK.

Paediatric Surgery

English, Arabic

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