Azzam A Razzak

Azzam A Razzak


Lifeline Hospital

About Azzam A Razzak

Dr Azzam performed First Neuro Surgery of Dubai in Year 1980

Headed the Neurosurgery department of Rashid Hospital

Practicing for more than 35 years now, he is expert and an authoritative figure in spinal microsurgeries for both cervical and lumbar spine.

Lifeline Hospital

United Arab Emirates

M D, M. Sc

Full Time



Spine surgery cervical and lumbar

Disc disorder- microdiscectomy - decompression of foramina or canal stenosis

Surgery of Carpal tunnel and other nerve entrapment

Burr hole or Craniotomy for hematoma or brain tumors

VP shunt for pediatric Hydrocephaly or normal pressure hydrocephaly in adult and lumbar - peritoneal shunt for intra cranial benign hypertension

Diagnosis and treatment of: Headaches - Backaches - Body pain neuropathic pain


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