Caesar Zahka

Caesar Zahka


Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery

About Caesar Zahka

He finished medical school at Damascus University in 1988, after which he had his internship at Sinai Hospital, Detroit, followed by residency and fellowship at Wayne State University, Detroit, USA. He was awarded chief­resident in year 1994- 1995. He spent few months in Chengdu, Sishuan, China at the prestigious Chengdu University for TCM, learning acupuncture and other aspects of Traditional Chinese medicine. After that, he worked for 10 years at the University Hospital Of Damascus University, seeing referral cases from all over the country (the primary referral university hospital) and 17 years in the private sector in Damascus.

He got vast experience in treating neurological cases, in addition to EEG, EMG .. etc. This is his 4th year in Dubai, worked at Burjeel, Medeor Hospitals, Medeor Polyclinic, Healthbay Polyclinic, Dr. Azzam Abdulrazzak Clinic, and American Center of Psychiatry and Neurology.

Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery

United States

M D, , F A A N, , A B P N



Chronic pain, headache and migraine management

Neck and back pain management (without surgery)

Treatment of epilepsy, tremor, dementia

Treatment of muscular problems & neuralagia

Acupuncture, mesotherapy and botox for pain management

Other neurological disorders


English, Arabic, French

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