Catherine Bergeret Galley

Catherine Bergeret Galley


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About Catherine Bergeret Galley

Dr Catherine has 25 years experience of aesthetic plastic surgery, and is one of the very few female plastic surgeons in Dubai. She has been working in Dubai for the last 14 years

A few personal words from Dr Catherine

Being a female plastic surgeon gives me a certain advantage, as most of my patients are females. They often find it easier to speak to me than to a man, and perhaps I also being a female myself, have a better understanding of their problem

Cosmetic surgery which is a sub specialty of plastic and reconstructive surgery is something that can help many unhappy women. Ageing is sometimes a problem, when it changes the features and characteristics of a persons face

Many women find also that their body is loosing the sexual appeal after several pregnancies. Plastic surgery can restore their abdomen and breasts. In my point of view this is not purely cosmetic surgery, but rather reconstructive surgery.

Al Garhoud Private Hospital


General surgery 1991, Plastic surgery 1994

Full Time



A S A P S ( American Society of aesthetic and plastic surgery)

I S A P S ( International Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery)

S O F C P R E ( French society of plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery)

S O F C E P ( French society of plastic and aesthetic surgery).

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Department

English, French, Italian, German

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