Elias Fares Jarade

Elias Fares Jarade


Mediclinic - Dubai Mall

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Mediclinic - Dubai Mall

United Arab Emirates

The most advanced Intra-iLASIk surgery using the platform of IntraLase and The Advanced CustomVue procedure (the only treatment approved for astronauts to correct their sight)

The most advanced treatment of keratoconus

Intra Corneal Ring Segment (ICRS) surgery

Corneal collagen crosslinking

Phakic Intra Ocular Lens implantation for high refractive error (myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism)

Corneal graft using the IntraLase: IEK

Cataract surgery

Glaucoma surgery

Corneal surface constructive surgery

Keratoconus management

M D, F I C S ( Harvard)

Full Time




English, Arabic, French

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