Foroozan Khezri

Foroozan Khezri


Medcare Multi Specialty Hospital

About Foroozan Khezri

Medcare Multi Specialty Hospital

United Arab Emirates

M D, Ph. D

Full Time



Subspecialist ( Fellowship) Pediatric Urology

Member of Society International of Urology (SIU)

American Urology Association

European Urology Association

Iranian Endourology and Urolaparoscopy Association

Iranian Pediatric Urology Association

Iranian Urology Association

Member of Emirates Medical Association(EMA), UAE

Shiraz University of Medical Science

Azad Medical University - Assistant Professor

Labbafinejad Urology Teaching Centre

Zeinabeh University Hospital - Head of Female Urology Department

Aliasghar Paediatric Surgery Centre

Iranian Hospital - Specialist Urologist

Belgrade University, Serbia

Zeinabieh Health and Medical Education Center - Consultant Urologist

Correction of different Congenital and acquired anomaly of Urinary Tract in Children

Treatment of Urinary control problem and incontinence in adult & children including surgical

Treatment of Recurrent urinary tract infection

Centre for Uro Dynamic Studies at Medcare Hospital

Well experienced in treatment of female and male urinary control and incontinency

Diagnose and treatment of painful micturation, interstitial cyctitis , Neurogenic bladder & bloody urine.

Treatment of Urinary Incontinence including Surgical Procedures

Minimal Invasive treatment for urinary stone disease including Endoscopic, Laser, Open and ESWL for urinary Stones

Treatment and Surgery of Kidney, Prostate, Bladder and testicular infections

Medical and surgical treatment for prostate problems & male infertility

Treatment for Male and Female sexual dysfunction

Medical and surgical treatment of scrotal dieases, varicocele, hydrocele, cysts & infections

Specialist Urologist,Specialist Paediatric Urologist



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