Galyna Mlynarchuk

Galyna Mlynarchuk


Saudi German Hospital

About Galyna Mlynarchuk

Highly qualified experienced massage therapist with over 30 years experience in managing the patients (Out-Patient and In-Patient). Massage therapist in the discipline of pediatrics, orthopedics, neurological, sports related injuries, improvement of energy potential, anti-aging and all fields to rehabilitation and wellness.

Saudi German Hospital

United Arab Emirates

General classic massage therapy

Reflexology massage therapy

Polarity massage therapy

Massage therapy for infants and children

Sports and gymnastics related illnesses

Hot stone therapy


Aroma therapy massage

Finger pressure to acupuncture points

Plastic and cosmetic massage for face

Lymphatic drainage

Scalp massage (hear treatment)

Massage therapy after plastic surgery

Massage therapy after stress

Medical College, Ukraine, Bachelor in massage therapy and rehabilitation

Full Time



35 years of experience


English, Arabic, Russian, Ukrainian

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