Ghada Abdul Latif

Ghada Abdul Latif


Emirates Hospital - Dubai Marina JBR

About Ghada Abdul Latif

Emirates Hospital - Dubai Marina JBR

United Arab Emirates

Hematology: All investigation related to bone marrow aspiration and examination, investigation of all types of anemia, investigation of all types of coagulation defects

Clinical Chemistry: All types of blood chemistry, hormones, semen analysis, intrauterine insemination (I.U.I)

Microbiology: All types of bacterial culture and sensitivity testing and fungus examination

Immunology: Human leukocyte antigen (HLA) typing and culture

Immunohematology: All investigation related to blood banking and cross matching.


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Dr. Ghada has worked as Director of Medical Laboratory at a well known Hospital in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for last ten years prior to joining Cosmesurge and Emirates Hospital

Done various research studies on acute leukaemia ( Mutant P 53 on acute leukaemia)

Seventeen years of experience as Clinical Pathologist.


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