Ghada Yehia Jabe

Ghada Yehia Jabe


About Ghada Yehia Jabe

United Arab Emirates

Doctor In Dental Surgery ( D D S)

Full Time



Doctor In Dental Surgery ( D D S)

Member Of American Dental Association (ADA)

Member Of Emirate Medical Association (EMA)

Member Of Alexandria Oral Implantology Association (AOIA)

School Health Clinic In Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE

Dr. Jumana Dental Clinic, Sharjah, UAE

Emirates International Hospital, Sharjah, UAE

Pearls Polyclinic, Dubai, UAE

Dubai Medical Group, Dubai, UAE

Cosmetic and restorative treatment like Veneer, lumineer, teeth whitening, crowns, bridges, inlay, onlay, cosmetic filling (tooth colored filling) and root canal treatment.

Preventive treatment like fissure sealant, fluoride application, scaling and polishing plus OHI.

Pediatric dentistry like pulpotomy. pulpectomy, stainless steel crown

Minor oral surgery like tooth extraction and simple impacted third molar.

General Dentist


Arabic, English

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