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Henda Kahia


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About Henda Kahia

With more than 10 years experience and a lifelong passion for health and beauty, Henda Kahia is committed to enhancing a balanced lifestyle that revolves around the skin care and aesthetics

Henda is currently a Laser and cosmetology expert at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery clinic. She has brought a wealth of experience in the fields of beauty and anti-aging

As a Laser therapist she offers high quality services that are a result of advanced technologies that are synonymous with Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, which has come to be known as the Middle Easts premier Anti-aging aesthetic clinic

Having spent most of the her life in the Middle East region and France, Henda describes herself as a diligent anti-aging expert who is constantly learing and sharing the latest practices in aesthetics

Her unique approach to beauty and cosmetics has made her become a household name within the beauty industry in UAE. Hendas passion has also made her very sought after by patients who believe in her talent to delay the onset of age as much as possible by using different skin treatments and therapies

Henda holds diplomas and certifications in beauty, skin care and cosmetics from higher learning institutions in Italy, France, and the Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center

Henda is a duly licenced as a Laser Therapist by Dubai Healthcare City and Dubai Health Authority.

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United Arab Emirates

diplomas and certifications in beauty skin care and cosmetics

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