Ivana Cmiljic

Ivana Cmiljic

Gynaecologist & Obstetrician

Medcare Women And Cildren Hospital

About Ivana Cmiljic

Medcare Women And Cildren Hospital

United Arab Emirates

M D, E S G O, Msc.

Full Time



M D in Obstetrics, University of Belgrade

E S G O, Clinical Fellowship in Oncogynecology, Prague , Czech Republic

Serbian Medical Association

Serbian Oncology Medical Association

European Society of Gynecology Oncology

Emirates Medical Association

Dr. Nicolas & Asp 2011-2013

Institute of Gynecology & Obstetrics, Clinical Centre, Serbia, Belgrade, 2000

Ultrasound examination

PApanicolau test

Vaginal and cevical swab

STD check ups

Gynecological bi-,anual examination

Ultrasound examination using vaginal and/or abdominal probe

Ovulation monitoring/folliculometry

Colposcopic examination- Colposcopy

Gynecology endocrinology testing/treatment, pre/menopausal treatment, PCOSy

Antiaging treatment- intimate area rejuvenation, labia correction

PRENATAL monitoring and care

Double/Triple test

Obstetrical ultrasound of pregnant women

Cardiotography (CTG)


Breast Care

Post-surgical procedure - care and dressing of surgical lesion

Conception Planning

Insertion and Extraction of spiral, removal pf sutures

Exploratory curettage

Biopsy of cervics utri

D&C procedures and ERPOC


LOOP procedures , valavar/vaginal lumps treatments

Removal of genital warts

Diagnostic hysteroscopy(biopsy of Endometrium........)

Vaginal normal and insrumental deliveries


Open/Laparoscopic gynecological surgery



English, Russian, Serbaini

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