Jussi Rantanen

Jussi Rantanen


Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery

About Jussi Rantanen

He has an intensive 17 years experience as an orthopedic surgeon with a special focus on knee and ankle arthroscopic surgeries. He dedicated his clinical work in the past decade to the diagnosis and treatment of lower limb surgeries and diseases. He performed thousands of arthroscopic, knee ligament surgeries and reconstruction surgeries. Moreover, his experience spans across different countries and settings. He graduated from the University of Turku, Finland and has been an Associate Professor of orthopedics there. He completed a fellowship in sports medicine at Duke University, USA and is currently licensed to work in Finland, Romania, Bahrain and Dubai.

Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery


C O N S U L T A N T O R T H O P A E D I C S U R G E O N ( L I C E N C E D I N D U B A I, B A H R A I N, R O M A N I A, A N D F I N L A N D)



Diagnosis and treatment of lower limb problems

Knee and ankle arthroscopic surgery

ACL Repair and other knee ligament surgeries

Multi-Ligament knee reconstruction and difficult re-operations

Achilles tendon surgeries

Foot & Ankle Surgery

English, Finnish, Russian, Swedish

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