Kamel Sameer Dhay

Kamel Sameer Dhay

ENT Specialist

About Kamel Sameer Dhay

United Arab Emirates

M D, Master degree of E N T

Full Time



E N T Arab Board - Master - M D.

Arab Board of health specializations in Otorhinolaryngology and head & neck surgery.

Master degree of E N T / Head & Neck surgery.

M D.

Membership of the Kuwait Association of ENT & Head and Neck surgeons.

Membership of the Syrian Association of ENT & Head and Neck surgeons.

Senior-registrar in the ENT department in AlSabah hospital ( the main governmental hospital in the state of Kuwait ) for 7 years ( 2008 till 2015 ).

Senior-registrar in Zain hospital ( The main ENT specialized hospital in the state of Kuwait) for 7 years ( 2008 till 2015 ).

ENT specialist in ear.eye & plastic surgery hospital ( Damascus ) for 3 years ( 2005 till 2008 ).

Ear,Nose and Throat diseases diagnosis & treatment.

Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy with the new techniques ( Monopolar - suction cautery - copulation ) with minimal bleeding & No revision.

Turbinoplasty & Nasal Turbinates submucosal reduction with copulation & radiofrequency techniques with No Nasal packs.

Septoplasty & Rhinoplasty.

Endoscopic sinus surgery ( FESS ).

Head & Neck surgery and Neck masses Biopsy & excision.

Microscopic Laryngeal surgery ( Vocal cords polyps,cysts,atrophy ).

Microscopic ear surgery for repairing Ear

drum perforations and re-constructive hearing including ( Myringotomy with grommet tube insertion. Myringoplasty and Tympanoplasty ).

Vertigo & imbalance disorders diagnosing &treatment maneuvers.



Arabic, English

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