Lama Toufiq Sharbek

Lama Toufiq Sharbek


Medcare Eye Centre

About Lama Toufiq Sharbek

Medcare Eye Centre

United Arab Emirates

M. B. B. S

Full Time



M. B. B. S degree in Medicine ( Damascus University) Master degree in ophthalmology and its surgery from ministry of health ( Syria)

Membership of Syrian associations of ophthalmology

Supervision and Consultation of patients in Medcare Hospital and Al Rozi Hospital in home (Syria)

Medical retina including fundus fluorescein angiography and OCT and argon laser photocoagulation.

Diagnosis & Management of all vision problems and eye diseases for adults and children

Diagnosis & Management of cataract including cataract extraction, pre and post-operative care of cataract patients

All refractive surgeries including ( Lazik ,epi-lazik ,cross-linking for keratoconus)

Surgical treatment of recurrent pterygium

Oculo-plastic surgeries (Entropion - Ectropion - Chalazion - Eyelid Cyst and Blepharoplasty)

Diagnosis & Management of Glaucoma

Grading & Management of diabetic retinopathy patients including Pan retinal, photocoagulation (PRP) and injections

Probing procedure for congenital nasolacrimal duct occlusion under general anesthesia

Management all Refractive errors and pediatric refrective errors including amblyopia



English, Arabic

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