Laura Centa

Laura Centa


Mediclinic - Beach Road

About Laura Centa

Mediclinic - Beach Road

United Arab Emirates

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy

B Sc Hons ( Physiotherapy)

Full Time



Laura joined the Mediclinic team in March 2014. Since graduating from the University of Brighton, UK, in 2008 she has worked in large teaching hospitals in and around London gaining the skills and experience to treat a wide range of physiotherapy-related conditions before specialising in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Laura has further developed her skills with postgraduate courses in Pilates and the Mulligan Concept.



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I had a mixed experience with Laura. On one hand, she helped create a treatment plan that diminished the pain in my back and hip using a variety of techniques and exercises. She was also able to identify that the surgeon had misdiagnosed me with sciatica and that he had me on the wrong medication. On the other hand, she was consistently dismissive of my inquiries, discouraged me from trying to pursue a specific diagnosis for my pain, and encouraged me to simply go along with the program she gave me. I understand that she is not a doctor, but on more than one occasion, she said "oh it's probably a combination of factors for you, it's hard to tell" and used it as an excuse to discourage either one of us from delving any further into my case. I was most disappointed in her reluctance to check my hip as I had asked because that was something within her realm of expertise. In fact, it took about 2-3 sessions to get her to really examine the area. She was unable to identify that I had an issue with hip instability or hip impingement - something that two other physiotherapists have since confirmed. She also dismissed the possibility of a labral tear - something I directly asked her about. I have since gotten tests to confirm that I indeed have a labral tear. I might have gotten diagnosed for it earlier if she had taken the care to actually engage with her patient on any meaningful level and she had handled the situation differently. In short, I would recommend Laura for a straightforward or simple issue, but not for complex cases.