Marija Lukavac

Marija Lukavac


Medcare Women And Cildren Hospital

About Marija Lukavac

Medcare Women And Cildren Hospital

United Arab Emirates

M D, M S

Full Time



M D, 1993

M. S. 1998

Serbian Board Certified Pediatrics, 2000

Serbian Board Certified Neonatology, 2008

Baby Friendly Educator, U N I C E F 1997

Parent Adviser Trainer, Save the Children Fund Belgrade & G U Y, S and S T. T H O M A S, S M E D I C A L A N D D E N T A L S C H O O L, 1997

Serbian Medical Association

Al Seef Hospital Kuwait 2008-2015, Consultant Neonatologist, Head of NICU, Chairman of Pediatrics

Institute for Neonatology Belgrade, Serbia, 2000-2008, Consultant/Specialist Pediatrics and Neonatologist

University Hospital Prishtina, Serbia, Yugoslavia, Clinics for Gynecology and Obstetrics

Neonatal Department, Resident Pediatrics, 1993-2000

Visiting Scholar at the Columbia University Hospital - NICU, NY, 2003

Visiting scholar and Internship at general Hospital Salzburg - Neonatology Department 2006

Treatment and follow up of term and preterm new borns especially the ones requiring neonatal intensive care

Special interest in Neonatal ventilation, brain function and development

Attendance of a high risk deliveries including multiple pregnancies

Prenatal consultations of a parents experiencing preterm labor or have a need for advice of a neonatologist before delivery



Arabic, English, Serbaini

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