Marwan El-khazen

Marwan El-khazen


Emirates Hospital - Jumeirah Beach road

About Marwan El-khazen

Specialist Trauma/ Orthopedic Surgeon – Germany

German Board (Facharzt) in Surgery and Traumatology. Awarded Degree of Doctor of Surgery (Dusseldorf, Germany, 1982).

Surgical experience spanning 23 years in Europe and UAE. In Germany, worked at St.Vincez Hospital, affiliated with the University of Essen, and in Lennep Hospital, affiliated with the University of Cologne. In the UAE, had an extensive experience as Consultant Trauma Surgeon and was presented with a Service Excellence Award in 2005 by DOMHS.

Member of international associations in Switzerland (Arthroscopy Association and AO/ASIF Association for Internal Fixation) and in Germany (Aerzte Kammer Association).

Conferences attended at leading university teaching hospitals in Switzerland, Canada, Holland, Italy, Germany, and France to stay abreast of the latest techniques in Orthopedic Surgery

Emirates Hospital - Jumeirah Beach road

United Arab Emirates

Fracture Treatment (open and close reduction) all in accordance with the most advanced European Surgical Standards

Arthroscopy (shoulder and knee)

Endoscopes (keyhole) surgery of knee and shoulder

Meniscus/Cartilage repair, anterior cruchiate ligament reconstruction

Pelvis Fractures


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I love that he prepared me for my surgery by telling me the truth. It really put my mind at easy to have him pray for me before my surgery.