Mohammad Motaweh

Mohammad Motaweh


Belhoul European Hospital

About Mohammad Motaweh

I am Dr. Mohammad Motaweh, I am 57 years old, I graduated from the medical school in Cairo in 1972, and since then practicing medicine nonstop

I have the following qualifications: a Bachelor of Medicine and surgery 1972, Diploma of Internal Medicine 1975, Master of Cardiology 1977, and Doctorate of Cardiology 1984

Currently I am working as Specialist Cardiologist in Belhoul European Hospital and still registered as a Professor of Cardiology in Al-Azhar University

I have gained my experience from working in the university hospitals of Al-Azhar University Cairo, Germany, USA, Saudi Arabia and UAE

My areas of interest are general cardiology and non-invasive cardiology, mainly echocardiography and nuclear cardiology

Belhoul European Hospital

United Arab Emirates

Bachelor of Medicine and surgery 1972 Diploma of Internal Medicine 1975 Master of Cardiology 1977 and Doctorate of Cardiology 1984.

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