Mohammed Ashfaq Konchwalla

Mohammed Ashfaq Konchwalla


Saudi German Hospital

About Mohammed Ashfaq Konchwalla

Saudi German Hospital

United Arab Emirates

Arthroscopic Knee, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Ankle and Hip surgery


Knee: ACL/ PCL Ligament Reconstructions and Meniscal Repair of the knee and Complex Revision Ligament Surgery

Shoulder Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery (Sub acromial decompression, arthroscopic bankart repair and rotator cuff repair shoulder instability

Ankle Arthroscopy Osteochondral lesion micro fracture and ligament reconstruction

Hip Arthroscopy and Labrum Repair and Femoral acetabluar Impingement decompression

Elbow Arthroscopy tennis elbow release, biceps tendon reconstruction

Wrist Arthroscopy TFCC reconstructions and ligament repair, and arthroscopic assisted fracture fixation of the wrist

Innovative Therapy using stem cell and platelet rich plasma therapy + chondrocyte implantation

Chondrocyte Transplantation, Growing Chondrocyte via stem cell and doing implantation

Joint replacement

Hip, Knee, Shoulder Joint Replacement

Complex Revision Hip and Knee Surgery

F R C S ( Eng), F R C S ( Glas ), F R C S ( Tr & Ortho) Diploma in Sports Medicine ( Edinburg), M F S E M C C S T ( U K Board)

Full Time




English, Hindi, Urdu

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