Muna Obaid Hasan

Muna Obaid Hasan


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United Arab Emirates

U A E U, E B S, M R C S, A T L S, E P L S, M C C E Q, M B B S

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Re- certification of advanced trauma life support ( A T L S), 2015

Breast Surgery follow ship from U A E U, U A E, 2014

European board of surgery ( E B S) qualification in breast surgery, 2013

Completion of training in the general surgery residency program, 2011

Diploma of membership ( M R C S- Glasg), 2011

Arab board certificate of health specialization in general surgery, 2012

Re-certification of advanced trauma life support ( A T L S), 2011

Advanced trauma life support ( A T L S), 2007

European Paediatric life support ( E P L S), 2006

Medical council of Canada qualifying exam ( M C C E Q), 2006

M B B S degree faculty of medicine & health sciences, 2005

Adjunct assistant professor, RAK MHSU , UAE

Honorary lecturer, RAK MHSU , UAE

Breast Surgeon. Specialist GP , Saqr Hospital, UAE

Breast Surgeon fellow , Tawam Hospital , UAE

G. Surgery Residency , Tawam, Mafarq SKMS , UAE

Elective medicine (Nephrology unit), American university , Lebanon

Elective medicine , Saif bin gubash hospital , UAE

Elective medicine , Al Ain , UAE

Elective medicine , Saqr Hospital , UAE


General Surgery

Arabic, English

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