Nadine Aoun

Nadine Aoun

Dietician & Nutritionist

Medcare Multi Specialty Hospital

About Nadine Aoun

Medcare Multi Specialty Hospital

United Arab Emirates

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics

Full Time



2 years experience as a clinical Dietician in a Hospital & clinical settings in Beirut Lebanon

Currently working as a clinical Dietician for Medcare Hospital & Clinics

Reading and analyzing a patient's medical file in order to prepare their diet plan, taking into account some important measures such as ingested medications, lab results , medical history.

Prepared case studies on major illness caused by unhealthy eating habits such as : hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, renal, cancer, dyslipidemia and gave nutritional discharges to patients dealing with such cases.

Decided an optimum diet plan for patients depending on their individual case and issued a report to the sector head summarizing what I was exposed to. Worked with : Maternity , Cardiology, Surgery, Pediatrics, Oncology.

Exposed to food service and kitchen management where I had to monitor the food temperature, storage procedure, receiving / handling of food , cooking procedure, hygiene.

Performed an in depth research, visits to nutrition centers , pharmacies , food stores and clinics and prepared presentation on the researched topics.

Assess nutritional health, evaluate current eating habits and plan an optional dietary program for chronic illness in the indigent population

Perform history and routine physical examination to document nutritional status of client

Promote health behavior counseling and to promote medical and life - style interventions

Perform nutritional assessments with tools and information available




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