Nagmeh Karbasi

Nagmeh Karbasi


International Modern Hospital

About Nagmeh Karbasi

Dr.Nagmeh Karbasi is a highly experienced pediatrician. She has been caring for children of various nationalities for nearly 20 years and possesses practical experience and expertise in numerous pediatric diseases

Dr.Nagmeh Karbasi brings 20 years of experience as Specialist Pediatrician in Dubai worked in Iranian Hospital for 5 years 15 years in private sector

International Modern Hospital

United Arab Emirates

Tmt of diet program and allergy

Working on skin disease

Sleep disorder for new born babies

M. B. B. S, M D

Full Time



Member of Iran Medical Association

Speciality Iran Medical University , Tehran

Pediatric Advanced Life Support

Neonatal resupcitation program

All regular checkups ,neonatal ,vaccination

Asthma and Allergy

Growth and Developement

Neonatal Sleep Problem

Diagnosis and treatment for acute diseases of children

Immunization of children

Well being clinic


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