Noureddine Nciri

Noureddine Nciri


Mediclinic Welcare Hospital

About Noureddine Nciri

Dr.Noureddine completed his Bachelor of Medicine (MD) in Tunisia and qualified as a specialist in Internal Medicine, with the subspeciality of Intensive/Critical Care Medicine, also in Tunisia

Before joining Mediclinic Welcare Hospital, Dr. Noureddine was an Assistant Professor for Critical Care Medicine in Tunisia and was associated with a university teaching hospital in France where he managed medical, surgical and cardiac care units

He is proficient in monitoring acute dialysis, echocardiography and invasive hemodynamic in ICU patients

He is a member of the American Society of Critical Medicine, the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, the French Society of Intensive Care Medicine and theTunisian Society of Intensive Care Medicine.

Mediclinic Welcare Hospital

United Arab Emirates

M B B S, M D

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Intensive Care Medicine

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