Omar Abdulmohssen

Omar Abdulmohssen


Belhoul Sepeciality Hospital

About Omar Abdulmohssen

Belhoul Sepeciality Hospital

United Arab Emirates

Management and Treatment of

Back pain, Neck pain, Limbs pain, Neurological pain

Facial pain relieving procedures

Headache due to various of pathology

Head injuries with their consequences

Cerebrovascular disease

Brain hemorrhages

Emergency of Neurosurgery, Spine


Microsurgery & Endoscopic surgery

Spine (Lumber, Cervical & Dorsal)

Disc - Fixation & Tumors

Surgery for Brain



Cerebrovascular disease

Endoscopic Surgery

Pediatric Neurosurgery

Trauma & Tumors


Congenital abnormalities of Brain, Skull & Spine

Hydrocephalus (Adult & Child)

Microsurgery of peripheral nerves

M D, Damascus University, Syria 1991 Masters, Specialization in Neurosurgery, Syria 1997 Diploma in Pain Treatment, France 2002

Full Time



Member of the Higher Scientific Council for Neurosurgery and Spine, Neurosurgeries training, Rehabilitation, of Syrian Ministry of Health

Member of Syrian Association of Neurosurgery and Spin

Member of French Association of Neurosurgeons

Member of the Scientific, Technical commission, and teaching at the college of Medicine, Alfourat University, Syria

Member of Arab Board in Neurosurgery

2000-2016, Head of Department, Neurosurgery and Spine Department, Al Asad University Hospital, Deir Alzor, Syria

2009-2012, Chief of Neurosurgery, Spine and Emergency, Al Sayd Private Hospital, Deir Alzor

2012-2016, Chief and Consultant of Neurosurgery and Spine, Al Shalan Medical Center, Damascus, Syria.

1997-2000 Specialist Neurosurgery, Al Asad University Hospital.

1991-1997 Resident Neurosurgery Department, Damascus Hospital

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