Prashant Nasa

Prashant Nasa


NMC Speciality Hospital

About Prashant Nasa

Dr. Prashant Nasa completed and was awarded first rank in MD (Doctorate of Medicine)-Anaesthesiology, from Mumbai University, India

Dr. Nasa's additional qualifications in critical care medicine include IDCCM, FNB (Critical Care), European Diploma in Intensive Care (EDICM), FICCM, FCCP

He has more than 10 years of experience in intensive care at various hospitals in Delhi and Mumbai

Dr. Nasa is a Senior Intensivist in the Department of Critical Care at NMC Healthcare

Dr Nasa is well trained in various ICU procedures such as central venous lines, arterial lines, endotracheal intubation and initiation of mechanical ventilation, percutaneous tracheostomy, intercostal drains, lumbar punctures, ultrasound in ICU and advanced hemodynamic monitoring. Dr. Nasas areas of interest include antibiotic stewardship, poisoning and neurointensive care

He is an academician with more than 25 publications and articles in international journals to his credit. He has also written more than 10 chapters in standard textbooks. He is a regular faculty and speaker for various conferences in critical care

Dr Nasa is also an instructor for various structured courses like ATLS, FCCS and BASIC.

NMC Speciality Hospital

United Arab Emirates

M D ( Doctorate of Medicine)- Anaesthesiology, I D C C M, F N B ( Critical Care), European Diploma in Intensive Care ( E D I C M), F I C C M, F C C P

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English, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi

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