Rachad Shebib

Rachad Shebib


Mediclinic - Arabian Ranches

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Mediclinic - Ibn Battuta Mall Mediclinic - Arabian Ranches

United Arab Emirates

Conventional radiology

Ultrasonography, whole body, including musculoskeletal and small parts (neck, scrotum)

Trans-rectal U.S.

Trans-vaginal U.S.

Colour duplex ultrasonography vascular imaging

Obstetrical imaging including colour duplex and 4D imaging

Mammogram and breast ultrasound

Computed tomography of the whole body including virtual bronchoscopy, colonoscopy

CT angiography and coronarography (4 years experience in CT (64) Multi-Detector)

M D, Dip Echo in Ultrasound ( Paris), Dip Spec. in Radiodiagnostic and Medical Imaging ( France)

Full Time



Dr. Chabib is a highly experienced radiologist who trained at the University of Damascus, Syria and later in a number of teaching hospitals in France. Most recently he worked as Head of the Imaging Department in Al Shifaa Hospital, Damascus as well as running his own private practice which managed 15-20 procedures a day including conventional radiology, contrast radiology, mammograms and ultrasound.

Radiology,Interventional Radiology

English, Arabic, French

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