Rakesh Sankar

Rakesh Sankar

Internist (Internal Medicine)

NMC Speciality Hospital

About Rakesh Sankar

Dr. Rakesh Sankar completed his md in internal medicine from kerala university and went ahead to pursue his mrcp from uk in the year 2004 . His wide range of experience includes departments of cardiology, neurology, nephrology, gastroenterology and pumonology

During his experience of more than 20 years he has manged intensive care units, emergency units, has managed both out patient and inpatients. He was also responsible for training undergraduate medical students along with supervising medical examinations

Dr. Rakesh is presently the head of department of internal medicine nmc specialty hospital dubai.he is also the head of the clinical audit and ethical committee of NMC Specialty Hospital. He isan active member of the infection control committee , mortality and morbidity committee and the recruitment committee of the hospital

His area of interest is specifically in Diabetes, Nephrology and pulmonology and is academically oriented inclined towards education and training. He has innumerable articles and publications to his credit.

NMC Speciality Hospital

United Arab Emirates

M D in internal medicine

Full Time



English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil

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