Ravinder Verma

Ravinder Verma

ENT Specialist

About Ravinder Verma

United Arab Emirates

M B B S, A F M C

Full Time



M B B S, A F M C/ P U N E , India, 1984

Life Member - Maharashtra medical council-Registration no:54428

MO Specialist (ENT ), Naval Hospital, Mumbai,India, Jan 1995 , Jun 1996

Management of Ear, Nose , Throat, Sinus, Head and Neck diseases- Salivary Glands( Parotid, Submandibular, Sublingual glands), Neck Masses, Oral Cavity lesions of lips/ Tongue/Cheeks/Palate; Lesions / growths on head, face and neck; Thyroid gland disorders, nasal endoscopic procedures, sleep breathing disorders and head & neck traumas- Bleeding Nose, repair and restoration of hearing defects due to disease. Microscopic and Endoscopic Ear surgery and Micro laryngeal surgery with expertise in FESS(Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery) including Endoscopic DCR's. Facial plastic surgeries especially Septo-Rhinoplasties, Pinnaplasties, Voice Disorders; Tracheostomies for airway / Fiberoptic bronchoscopies/ Bronchial lavage-toilet in Intensive care/ acute wards bedside ; Mastoid surgeries for disease removal, restoration of Hearing mechanism with Myringoplasties, Tympanoplasties including Ossicular Chain reconstruction, Stapedectomy ; Bronchoscopies/Oesophagoscopies for Foreign body removals ;Vertigo and Tinnitus clinics, Allergy clinics-Management of Allergies of Nose/ Sinuses ; Diagnostic workups of early Hearing/ Speech defects(including special children) ; ENT- Head & Neck Cancer detection , ENT health checkup for school children, Industrial workers, divers, submariners, Aviators/Pilots( Noise Induced Trauma) ;

OtoRhinoLaryngological Operations (Major/Minor)- more than 8500 surgeries-?Adenoidectomies, Tonsillectomies,Myringotomies, grommet/ ventilatilatory tube insertions; Septoplasties/ Rhinoplasties; Abcess Incision and drainage in Head /Neck region including Peritonsillar area; EAC reconstruction, Ear piercings/ Torn Ear lobe repairs; Voice Disorders; Microlaryngeal surgeries - for vocal nodules/vocal polyps/papillomas/Hoarseness of voice; Facial Nerve decompression

Experience in handling manifestations afflicting Ears and Sinuses due to Swimming/Diving/ Water Sports/ Flying;Abreast with the latest surgical techniques. Adept in use of endoscopes, Lasers, Coblators for prompt diagnosis and efficient management of ENT/Head- Neck diseases. Proficient in managing all ENT/ Head-Neck cases including Surgical Operations using state-of-the art technology to perform minimally invasive procedures. Experience in handling all ENT and Head - Neck emergencies including trauma, foreign bodies and bleeding in ENT region. Underwent formal training in Microear surgery and Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. Active member of Cochlear Implant Programme of Armed Forces of India.




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